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Prices and packages

Dear Interested, see our Starting Packages.

The prices are designed so that it is worth using our service for just a few contracts.

Any questions about the service, read How it works , or ask our colleagues with the help of online customer service from the lower right corner.

Choose between our monthly or annual tariff plans.
All registrants receive 2 free time stamps and full functionality for 14 days to try our system. After the probation period, you can also use contracts for receiving, storing and signing contracts in unlimited quantities.
Time stamps' number: 2
Mini package
We recommend to individual entrepreneurs who have 1-2 contracts per month and do not have their employees.
Time stamps' number: 24
20 000 Ft + áfa / év
(1 667 Ft + Áfa / hó)
Premium Package
Recommended for small and Medium Business people en masse issued contracts, automated processes, and I would like to think if Brand-Juk also appear in the contracts.
Time stamps' number: 600
96 000 Ft + áfa / év
(8 000 Ft + Áfa / hó)

Purchase of additional time stamp packages

If you will expand the number of timestamps to your chosen package later.

Comparison table

Free Mini package Medium package Premium Package
Prices and membership
Price Free 20 000 Ft 48 000 Ft 96 000 Ft
Membership 14 day 12 months 12 months 12 months
Unlimited number of free signatures check check check check
An unlimited number of contract storage check check check check
Unlimited number of contracts download check check check check
Activity log check check check check
Contract Story check check check check
Electronic Manual Signature Protection check check check check
Privacy Shield check check check check
Unlimited number of own templates check check check
Contract templates from a template price check check check
Partner list - CRM check check check
Extra features
Email tracking check check check
Unilateral statement check check check
Contract participants 2 Contractor 2 Contractor 10 Contractor
Partners 3 pcs 10 pcs
Mass contract maker check
Contract branding check
Statistics Dashboard check
Unique Statuses check
Support Guaranteed Response Time 72 clock 24 clock 12 clock
Integration, API use
Excel / CSV data export check check
XML Agent API check
Contract price data synchrony json check
Development Support check Max 3 hours
Time stamp
Time stamp 2 pcs 24 pcs (120 Ft / pcs) 120 pcs (60 ft / pcs) 600 pcs (discount 35 Ft / pcs)
More time stamps (max s) 120 Ft / pcs 60 Ft / pcs 35 Ft / pcs
Registration Subscription Subscription Subscription

Purchase of additional packages

If you will expand your package features later.

Contract branding
Contract Branding Uses unique corporate image The appearance of posted contracts and the heading of the associated e-mail notifications.
18 000 Ft + VAT / year
API integration
Use API features to connect your account with other external systems such as a web site, CRM or ERP. Automated part or complete contracting processes.
29 000 Ft + VAT / year
Mass contract maker (Excel-based)
The mass builder feature to the contract you have the possibility of quickly and easily drawn up to several 1000 contracts in seconds using an excel list.
19 000 Ft + VAT / year
Purchase of plus partner (1 pcs)
Have you reached your Account Party Limit? Expand your existing package with plus partnerships.
3500 Ft + VAT / year
Personal Education / Consultation
Have the opportunity of personal training, product presentation and individual consultation request from us. Our colleague will personally present the system personally at a agreed date.
30 000 Ft + VAT / occasion
Premium Support 8 Hour SLA
Premium Support for Development Support, Product Introduction, Education and Process Optimization Suggestions (up to 25 hours / year, 8 hours SLA).
280 000 Ft + VAT / year